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Torts - wrongs that are actionable Trial process -Dispute, injury, or loss -Filings: Complaint and answer -Motions: Discovery, Summary and judgement - Trial: Jury selection, Opening Argument, Evidence and Closing Argument - Verdict, Remedy, Enforcement and Appeal, Final Judgement Fault Wrongs - - Intentional Conduct: o Assault- creating a fear of harm o Battery- unjustified offensive touching o Trespass- occupying another’s land o Defamation- damaging a reputation o Others including- Emotional Harm - Unintentional Conduct: o Negligence Deterrence and Compensation - - All fault wrongs impose a legal cost on wrongdoers and therefore both prevent wrongful
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Unformatted text preview: conduct and provide monetary relief to the victim-Damages include o Nominal- In name only o Compensatory- pays victim for losses o Punitive- to deter wrongdoer and vindicate victim Strict Liability--The following are wrongs that are not based upon fault , liability is imposed for doing an act of causing harm.-Keeping an animal with known dangerous propensities.-Engaging in ultra hazardous activity-Selling a product which is unreasonably dangerous...
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