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ENGL1301 Essay 1 - Dear Mr. Baldwin, I thoroughly enjoyed...

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Dear Mr. Baldwin, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your essay, “Stranger in the Village.” Your eloquence and smooth writing style surprised me. I expected the essay to be written in a much more southern-sounding dialect, reminiscent of Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn . This expectation is proof of my own tendency to stereotype black men from the 1950’s. I realized that a black man is just as capable of producing intelligent literature as a white man. In the future I will try my best to set aside prejudices and traditional opinions and accept all people as God’s beautiful creations. I am deeply sorry for the burden you bore for so many years. Thank you for your time spent on this work. Sincerely, Derek Johnson
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Acceptance: Everyone Knows Not to Speak to Strangers “The black man insists, by whatever means he finds at his disposal, that the white man cease to regard him as an exotic rarity and recognize him as a human being” (96). This quote from James Baldwin’s “Stranger in the Village” cuts straight to the core of his message: black men simply want to be treated as equals. A man ahead of his time, Baldwin realized that his fellow African Americans would go to whatever means necessary to achieve acceptance into society. Despite his formal education, Baldwin still felt like an “exotic rarity;” he felt like a stranger everywhere he went, from New York to Switzerland. “Stranger in the Village” is Baldwin’s own personal plea for acceptance as he describes the rage and frustration of an outcast, mourns the results of the idea of white supremacy, and attempts to give the reader a taste of the life of a stranger. Baldwin begins his essay with the realization that he was the first black man to
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ENGL1301 Essay 1 - Dear Mr. Baldwin, I thoroughly enjoyed...

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