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ENGL1301 Essay Final

ENGL1301 Essay Final - Education The Road Goes on...

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Education: The Road Goes on Forever “The unfinished character of human beings and the transformational character of reality necessitate that education be an ongoing activity” (Freire 265). Those words from Paulo Freire’s “The ‘Banking’ Concept of Education” definitely rang true for me this summer. My education picked up speed in the spring and rolled right through the summer, and when I was not learning in class, I was learning in the work place. The key to comprehending my progress over the last month is my realization that “liberating education consists in acts of cognition, not transferals of information” (Freire 262). I entered my online, summer English class expecting to be bombarded with literary information, but came away with a better understanding of the reading process and an appreciation for “problem-posing” education. My decision to take my English class online greatly improved my learning experience. Since today’s education system tends toward long, boring lectures, the online course granted me a measure of control and independence. I could now decide which lectures to read and which to ignore. Freire agreed that adult education relies too heavily upon lecture, “Education is suffering from narration sickness” (Freire 256). To my surprise, my professor, Dr. Hochmeister, did not send out a single set of lecture notes. Instead of treating her students as “receptacles to be filled with information,” she held to Freire’s “problem-posing” method of education (Freire 257). She sent out prompts and questions and allowed her students to wade through the readings themselves. Freire comments, “Banking education treats students as objects of assistance; problem-posing education makes them critical thinkers” (Freire 265).
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Through her method I better understood what reading and thinking critically entails. In order to fully understand an essay, one must read and reread critically, take notes, and rewrite what he has read. In the introduction to Freire’s essay, David Bartholomae explains, “Reading always involves ‘critical perception, interpretation, and rewriting of what is read’” (Bartholomae 256).
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