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ENGL1301 Essay 3 - Digital Journals Notes on the MySpace...

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Digital Journals: Notes on the MySpace Blog The Discovery Late in June of 2007, I stumbled upon Clifford Geertz’s “Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfight.” An interesting essay, it describes the Balinese people by analyzing their favorite pastime: cockfighting. I was inspired to embark on my own adventure to analyze people. With over one hundred million registered users, MySpace seemed to provide the global access I desired (Cashmore). While browsing the millions of pages that make up MySpace, I discovered that it has the capability to connect people from around the entire world but is rarely used to do so . Of Blogs and Men Blogs provide a forum for global interaction and are the backbone of the MySpace network . Blogs allow users to publish their thoughts and opinions from anywhere in the world, as long as internet access is available. My friend, Ben Blakey, spent the spring semester in Israel. His almost daily blogs, although not through MySpace, allowed me to experience the numerous highlights of Israel just as he experienced them (Blakey). Thousands of miles separated us, yet I was still closely tied to him through this digital lifeline. Another blog, by an American soldier calling himself “Duke in Iraq,” offers a glimpse of the life of a flight surgeon in active duty (Duke). His blog transports me to the war in Iraq in a way the media never will. I realized blogs have become powerful tools of communication and are used world-wide. I began
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ENGL1301 Essay 3 - Digital Journals Notes on the MySpace...

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