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Unformatted text preview: Questions for Davis's "separationist" view of hell Why would any well-informed person freely choose eternal misery over union with the sole source of "love and light and peace"? A dilemma: Do the damned still have a choice? Yes? Then why don't they choose to be reconciled to God? No? Then why doesn't God fix their wills so that they can? Human freedom has limits. Is the freedom to damn oneself a good thing? Will I exist after my death? "Bare" vs. "interesting" survival Without consciousness (bare survival) With consciousness (interesting survival) How it is possible for one's conscious life to continue after death? 1. Cryonics 2. Resurrection of the body 3. Immortality of the soul Dualism 4. A combination of 2 and 3 Is conscious survival at all likely? The brain death argument 1. Consciousness is wholly dependent on a live and functioning brain. 2. Death is followed by the destruction of one's brain. 3. It is quite likely, therefore, that death is followed by the permanent cessation of consciousness. Even if the "soul" continues to exist, it wouldn't be conscious because it needs to interact with a functioning brain in order to be conscious. Some responses 1. Resurrection of the body? 2. Could God give me a new body? 3. Perhaps the soul could be consciousness without a body. Maybe the soul depends on the brain only during this life. Near death experiences. Empirical evidence for life after death? 1. Near Death Experiences 2. "Apparitions" ("ghost stories") 3. The phenomena of mental mediumship Online readings on life after death Username: letme Password: in ...
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