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Unformatted text preview: Midterm on Thurs. Be sure to bring examination booklets to the midterm on Thursday. Universal salvation Soulmaking continues in the next life until everyone is brought into the Kingdom of God. Some objections and replies If it didn't work for most people in this life, why think it will work for them in the next? How is Hick's "universalism" compatible with free will? Why won't we need suffering when God's Kingdom is fully established? Why so much suffering? What about pointless suffering? and the senseless and unfair distribution of suffering? A final objection What about God's goodness? Why doesn't God need to struggle with adversity and make risky free choices in order to become good? Surely God has the best kind of goodness? If so, doesn't that undercut the value judgment that underlies Hick's entire theodicy? That Readymade goodness is much less valuable than goodness achieved through free responses to challenges, difficulties, and suffering. Readymade goodness compared to God's essential perfect goodness. "Epistemic distance" and sin Epistemic distance = ambiguity of the evidence. Sin = alienation from God and neighbor. The inevitability of selfcenteredness and sin. Why did God do it this way? Hick claims that: God wants our freely given love, devotion, and obedience. If God revealed himself to us in a completely unambiguous way, we wouldn't be free in relation to God. Why isn't death the end? Why think there is life after death for individual persons? Your answer may depend on what you believe about God. How good and loving is God? How much does God care about individual human persons? Moral considerations God's purpose is soulmaking. Since God is love, God won't ever give up on anybody. But soulmaking isn't usually completed in this life. Therefore . . . Some people don't get a fair shake in this life. But God is love. Therefore . . . Another kind of moral consideration Justice for "evil doers" "I pray with all my heart that the people who deliberately hurt people get punished. I would sit in depression if I truly believed that the torturers and their victims have the same fate..." Dennis Prager Online readings on life after death Username: letme Password: in ...
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