Essay on Hamlet for ENGL 1310

Essay on Hamlet for ENGL 1310 - Jeff Carmichael ENGL...

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Jeff Carmichael ENGL 1320.048 Wednesday, March 12, 2008 Murder Due To Greed Hamlet is tragic play written by William Shakespeare sometime between the 16 th and 17 th century. Hamlet could be considered very perplexing due to the “Old English” that was used by Shakespeare when he wrote it. Hamlet , which is set in Denmark, entails a dark, and tragic story of a Prince who wants revenge for his father’s murder. Prince Hamlet encounters a ghost, who informs him that his uncle Claudius had murdered his father, The King, so he would be able to take the throne and marry his mother, Gertrude. Throughout the play, Prince Hamlet is full of rage and mixed emotions because of what the ghost had told him. However, Prince Hamlet never directly confronted his uncle because he was not sure what to think about how the message was relayed to him. He believes the ghost, but he knows that is not enough proof to take action immediately. In Act III, scene 3, King Claudius asks Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to take Prince Hamlet on a voyage to England because he is starting to see that Prince Hamlet’s madness could be a possible threat to him and his newly acquired throne. King Claudius has Polonius keeping an eye on Prince Hamlet, as well. Polonius assures King Claudius that he will hide in Gertrude’s room and report everything Prince Hamlet and his mother discuss. As soon as Polonius is out of the scene, King Claudius thinks he is alone and is struck by strong feelings of guilt and sadness over his murder of King Hamlet. He is unaware that
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Carmichael 2 Prince Hamlet snuck into the room with the intentions of killing him. As king Claudius is overwhelmed with sadness, he begins to pray. As he is praying, Prince Hamlet realizes that he should not kill him while he is praying and asking for forgiveness because that
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Essay on Hamlet for ENGL 1310 - Jeff Carmichael ENGL...

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