European Revolutions Analysis

European Revolutions Analysis - While this topic is highly...

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While this topic is highly debatable and some intellectuals go as far to label the revolutions as complete failures, many socioeconomic groups did reap the benefits of the revolutions of 1848. Arguably, the group which benefited the most from the revolutions was that of the middle class, also referred to as the bourgeoisie. Although those of the middle class had already begun to benefit both economically and socially before the revolutions, in terms of education and social hierarchy, the middle class was still completely devoid of any political power, which still lay in the hands of the rich aristocracy. The first notable coup for the middle class came from the reformation of the Estates-General into the National Assembly, where they were able to gain the valuable political ground they so fiercely fought for. With the establishment of the National Assembly, came The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen; the frontrunner concerning the ideology of contemporary human rights. Because the middle-class have already begun to benefit socially and economically prior to the revolutions, with the
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