Opinated Essay Underage Drinking

Opinated Essay Underage Drinking - Underage Drinking. Is It...

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Underage Drinking… Is It Really An Issue? There is a common theme among teenage attitudes across the globe. Mothers gripe about it. Fathers dread it. Teachers roll their eyes at it. Telling a teenager no is almost pressuring them to do so. You can see it everywhere; from the ultra conservative couple who have the flaming liberal as a daughter, to the Baptist mother with an Atheist son. Most parents can clearly not escape teenage rebellion. While there are teenagers who listen to their parents, many successful adults can describe their teenage years in one simple word –rebellion. Whether the situation involves a mother asking their teen to put their clothes away or the national government telling them that alcohol is not for them; a large population of the teenage population will rebel to these request. If the United States decriminalized drinking for all ages, there would be less drunk driving accidents, less underage binge drinking and less instances of alcohol poisoning and other alcohol related deaths. The United States has a long history of strict drinking regulations, from prohibition to the twenty-one drinking age restriction; America has always held their stance on drinking. While America has always had alcohol policies in place, America has consistently experienced a much higher rate of alcohol related deaths and drunk driving incidents than countries without drinking restrictions in place. For instance, about “10.8 million people aged 12 to 20 years reported current use of alcohol in 2004. Of these, nearly 7.4 million or 19.6 percent were binge drinkers (madd.org).” In the United States, “the annual average number of deaths for which alcohol poisoning was listed as the underlying cause was 317” (madd.org). Another shocking statistic shows that pedestrian deaths in 1997 came to a total of 5,321 (Drunk Driving Statistics and Facts). “According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2004, 16,694 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes.” These deaths constituted
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approximately 39 percent of the 42,636 total traffic fatalities (madd.org). Despite strict
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Opinated Essay Underage Drinking - Underage Drinking. Is It...

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