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Universal healthcare

Universal healthcare - Healthcare is a human right not a...

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Healthcare is a human right, not a luxury for only those who can afford it. America prides itself on the ideas of freedom, liberty, and equal rights even though unlike just about every other western nation, the U.S does not provide universal healthcare to its citizens. Even though we say we have the best healthcare system in the world and we spend more on it than any other country, 45 million Americans live without health insurance. This is unacceptable and steps must be taken to ensure healthcare to these citizens and the only possible way of attaining such a goal is to take the healthcare industry out of the hands of the businesses whose primary concern is profits rather than availability, and instead place the healthcare industry in the hands of the federal government. By implementing a socialized healthcare system where the government has complete control over the healthcare system, Americans would no longer need to worry about the responsibility of paying for health insurance by instead paying for it in their tax dollars which they already do for programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, and SCHIP. By socializing healthcare, we would change the entire nature of the healthcare system because currently, the primary goal of healthcare providers is to find some way to deny coverage for various needed procedures so that they maximize their own profits. But by putting healthcare in the hands of the federal government such special interests would be a moot point because healthcare would no longer be provided on a profitability-based standard but instead, on an availability-oriented program. But there are a number of objections to this idea which essentially claim that socializing healthcare would force the high quality of healthcare in this country to deteriorate and ultimately worsen the problem. This is false because it assumes the position that the U.S already has a great healthcare system. Studies have shown that the level of satisfaction with U.S healthcare is
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the lowest of any industrialized nation. By identifying the flaws of the current system it will become evident that socialized healthcare is the only practical means of improving the healthcare system so that everyone, regardless of their income, ethnicity, or medical needs will be guaranteed healthcare by the same entity that provides education, law enforcement, and social security – our wonderful, beloved federal government. The first concept that must be established is that healthcare is a human right; people shouldn’t be held responsible for the cost of their medical needs because different people have varying needs which are not their fault yet still require serious, and right now expensive, medical procedures. For example, under our current privatized system, a person with diabetes is seen as “uninsurable”. This is because a person with diabetes will inevitably need considerable medical attention and so for a company whose main goal is
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