gun - Gun control is one of the most fundamentally divisive...

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agenda. Citizens who are more liberal minded argue that gun control is essential because they believe that there is a correlation between the amount of gun violence and the accessibility of purchasing a firearm legally. They believe that the more they regulate the purchasing of firearms, the less likely it is for violent crimes to occur. This justifies their advocating for federal gun control laws so that all the states will be required to comply with the same universal laws. That way the federal government will not be inhibited by the various degrees of gun control in each state in pursuing those who violate what would be a federal gun control law. Those who are more conservatively minded argue that gun control is an ineffective strategy in trying to reduce violent crime. They believe that the second amendment clearly grants the individual the right to bear arms and that to inhibit this right, would serve to violate a core tenement of freedom that is granted by the Constitution. They also believe that it should be the state government, and not the federal government which enforces gun laws because they simply don’t believe that the federal government has the right to regulate all of the states under one uniform policy because this too would undermine a basic freedom this country has always had - that of the states’ rights to decide for themselves how to handle such controversial issues such as gun control. The issue is naturally controversial because of how each side perceives the core values differently. The left sees gun control as a matter of preventing murder and thus worth the sacrifice of any legal right to own a firearm, while the right sees the issue primarily as a matter of constitutional rights that are being threatened. When we ask ourselves the question as to what direction the government should take in enforcing gun control over the states we must first examine how the current gun control laws are
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gun - Gun control is one of the most fundamentally divisive...

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