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Screen_snapshot_practice - 3 People Search Results Mozilla...

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Unformatted text preview: 3 People Search Results - Mozilla Firefox Eile Edit Eiew History fiookmarks Idols Help 1. v '55!) 1- * Getting Started a. Latest Headlines .c, ._T_.._. m Blackbeard Asa. .. a a Screen Snapshots E —a People Sears... fi Call-erg: Visser, George George Visser SCI gttflQoelvin. edu 515-525-024? Localflddress Eete Hell Ell 3485 Elorton ST SE Grand Rapids, MI 49545-5955 Home Address EEWEAE Roosevelt .Winfis'.'?!.-..'L.5'319'.3.. . I www.calvinedu il .:5 ...
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