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Socy - Final Exam Study Guide gen - Final Exam Study Guide...

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Final Exam Study Guide Material covered up to test 2 Know the definition and focus of the sociological imagination and the difference between private troubles and public issues. Sociological imagination – the recognition of the relationship between individual experiences and public issues o Intersection of Biography and History (and Culture) Public issues – what is happening in the social world outside of one’s personal control o Many personal experiences can and should be interpreted in the context of large- scale forces in the wider society o Know what the sociological perspective focuses on and what it filters out. Sociological perspective – the sociological perspective holds that you can best understand your personal experiences and problems by examining their broader context, by looking at the big picture o Looking at the “big picture” o Focuses on – power, trends & patterns, demographic categories (age, gender, class, ethnicity, etc.), social facts o Filters out – personality, single cases, biology (genetics, hormones, pheromones) Know the definition of bad faith and why it is important in our discussion of the influences on human behavior and social change. Bad faith – pretending you “gotta” or “can’t” o Evasion of “the agony of choice” o Shadow of human liberty – only possible because we are free to choose or avoid choosing o Not all choices are “created equal” o You have limited choices Choice takes place within social structures Everything is the result of choices Choices have consequences
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Choices can be rendered difficult or invisible What are the standards by which we’ll be measuring US policies, practices, laws, trends and why do we use these standards rather than something else? American ideals in action – Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness o Equality of opportunity o Equality of respect o Individualism (importance of individual liberty, importance of fulfilling potential) o Belief in Meritocracy (system where individuals are assessed and rewarded on basis of individual ability and achievement) What is the idea of differential access to choice and what sociological concepts does it highlight? Differential access to choice – privilege/inequality (privilege is the cause of equality) (some choices are easier than other) – all choices are technically open to you, if you choose to partake in them – but because of the way society is structured, it makes some choices easier than others Sociological concepts – some choices are easier than others will reveal some of the structures of sociology – privileges (such as white kids in education) Know the definition and invisibility of social facts and the metaphor we’ve used throughout the semester to remind us of this aspect of social life. We don’t recognize social facts until they are presented to us – we don’t ever really
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Socy - Final Exam Study Guide gen - Final Exam Study Guide...

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