Black Elk Speaks Zitkala Sa Final Essay

Black Elk Speaks Zitkala Sa Final Essay - Schroeder 1...

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Schroeder 1 Spencer Schroeder Zoe Albright English 267 21 Feb 2008 Diff’rent Strokes, for Diff’rent Folks Modern day America consists of different lifestyles and ways of mean. From medical doctors to accountants, though we live in the same type of society, we are all vastly different in all aspects. Jobs vary, and living conditions differ, as does that of the Sioux tribe and its inhabitants. Just like modern day society, not one person is alike in how they live, how they receive their education, and standards. In many instances, although Black Elk and Zitkala-Ša lived as part of the same tribe, their way of life and many life instances varied greatly. In both instances, education and life training were basic instinct from early on. Both Black Elk and Zitkala-Ša had a sense of self worth and what they were put in place for. Both were educated, not only by their tribe, but by members close to them. But in many instances, life for the two of them was vastly different. Black Elk seemed to get most of his guidance from his grandfathers through his spiritual visions, while Zitkala-Ša gained most her knowledge and strength through her mother and other mentors throughout the tribe. Early on in Black Elk Speaks it was obvious that Black Elk was the bearer of special powers not seen by many others of the tribe. With this new power to see extreme visions, Black Elk was able to help in bettering his tribe. He had been led to take part in special dances and healing ceremonies that would in turn make his tribe better. All the while, Black Elk’s cousin, Crazy Horse, was what could be referred to as
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Schroeder 2 the tribe leader. He was the fearless commander through wars against the whites and
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Black Elk Speaks Zitkala Sa Final Essay - Schroeder 1...

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