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Schroeder 1 Spencer Schroeder Zoe Albright English 267 13 March 2008 The Other Half of Fleur There happens to always be the one person at school or in life who lives to be exactly like someone else. It’s almost as if they wish to live life through that exact person. This, too, holds true in the life of Pauline, living side-by-side with Fleur, acquaintances who meet throughout their life in the town of Argus in the novel Tracks . Pauline longs for attention, and in many instances, it becomes very evident to the reader through similarities and differences between the two. After the death of both of their families, both Pauline and Fleur end up in Argus and meet at the local butcher shop. During their time in Argus, both Pauline and Fleur worked as co-workers. Late at night after the butcher shop closed, Fleur would become intrigued by the game of poker being played by the men in the back room. After some time, she’d asked to be dealt a hand and “magically” started winning. At first, the men paid no attention to how or why Pauline was winning, but later realized that she was winning a good chunk of their money every time she played, and later, became enraged. At the same time, Pauline and Fleur hadn’t seemed to have met or were very reserved when it came to speaking. Spying from a space inside the room, Pauline would watch in amazement. Noticing Pauline, Fleur had asked her for some coins to use as betting
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Tracks Essay - Schroeder 1 Spencer Schroeder Zoe Albright...

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