History Chpt 26 4.10.08

History Chpt 26 4.10.08 - History 2008 U.S knows several...

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History April 10, 17, 2008 U.S knows several powers including Japan will use military power (Manchuria) along with Germany (Hitler trying to regain power) and Italy (Mussolini) all fascists. All 3 have treaties with one another 1933 Hitler gains complete control of Germany when Pres. Hindenburg dies Hitler is declared chancellor for life Hitler is a WWI veteran allies himself with the socialist party after war (Nazi) Nazi politics appeal to a lot of people so does Hitler who is very charismatic Brown shirts are a group that is used to protect the candidates in the Nazi party, usually used to stop people from speaking out against Hitler 1935 campaign against the Jews breaks out in Germany anti-Semitism (anti Jewish) Jewish is a race and religion so therefore anti-Semitism Jews start to leave Germany 1933 first concentration opens- opens as a training camp for the SS At the camp Hitler focuses on his enemies: communists, rebels, homosexuals, mentally disabled, physically disabled, gypsies and etc. The U.S., England and France turn a blind eye to this trying not to result in another World War U.S. states it will not sell any munitions to nations at war 1937 Hitler marches troops into the Rhineland de-militarized part of Germany Italy is aiding Germany, Italy takes Ethiopia and Africa because of its resources and ability for the army’s to be built up 1937 Japan invades China Americans refuse to recognize any of this trying to remain neutral 1938 Hitler wants to unify all German speaking nations into one call the Third Reich 1 st step merge Austria with Germany G.B., France, U.S., and Russia protest Hitler takes a part of Czechoslovakia Hitler promises he’ll stop once he unites all Germans Sept. 1, 1939 Hitler invades Poland only country between the Nazi’s and Russia Soviet Union (Russia) makes a secret pact to divide Poland with Russia so Russia does nothing This starts WWII Germans basically do the same thing as in 1918
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History Chpt 26 4.10.08 - History 2008 U.S knows several...

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