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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - land which would affect the...

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Milhoan1 C.J. Milhoan Prof. Hanke Comm 101 April 10, 2008 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (Didn’t attend due to cash) Jefferson Smith is chosen by Hubert Hopper to replace a deceased senator. Hopper is influenced by his corrupt political boss Jim Taylor who wants somebody to fill the deceased senator’s spot that is easy to manipulate. Hopper’s children want him to choose Jefferson Smith the head of the Boy Rangers, Smith is chosen to fill the void by a coin toss. While becoming a senator Smith is somewhat guided by a secretly corrupt politician Joseph Paine, who’s daughter Smith becomes more and more attracted to. Smith writes his first bill and proposes a camp granted by a federal loan for the Boy Rangers the loan would be paid off by the camper’s donations, at first this bill is well received by the general public. But soon Smith ends up stepping on the feet of his mentor Paine, because Paine was part of a group trying to put a dam nearby the proposed granted
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Unformatted text preview: land which would affect the camps possibility if a dam was to be constructed. Eventually Smith is deemed to be a fool and actually the bad guy in the dispute over the camp vs. the dam. Soon the senate starts to listen to Smith, however Paine then tries to end the debate by showing the senate that certain people in Smith’s home state would like him removed from power. Smith than does a filibuster so he can defend, debate, and diffuse every negative issue brought up and he proves his points and is a success but faints. Paine full of guilt attempts to kill himself but is stopped and heads into the senate and proves Smith is right and is unknowingly part of a corrupt political scheme. Basically the point of the Milhoan2 movie is that one person can make an impact no matter what the odds are. In the movie this is demonstrated by Senator Smith’s public speaking skills, although lacking they do however get the job done and prove his point....
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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - land which would affect the...

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