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Marketing Research Paper copy

Marketing Research Paper copy - Marketing Idea Derby...

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Marketing Idea Derby 11/28/05 Marketing Research Step 1: Identify the Problem It is a pretty safe assumption to assume that most people enjoy eating sweet foods such as cookies. But why don’t people eat cookies all the time? The only reason that comes to mind is that cookies aren’t nutritious. What if they were nutritious? Would people eat cookies all the time? Cookies don’t provide a source of vitamins and minerals. Cookies are subsequently viewed as a treat and not a daily necessity. My team did some exploratory research to try to uncover why people do not eat more cookies. The conclusion was what we expected. The answers all covered the same end of the spectrum ranging from No Nutrition to too much sugar. To counter this negative bias against cookies, my team decided to segment, reposition, and co-brand Chips Ahoy cookies and Centrum Vitamins in hopes of appealing, penetrating and expanding to a whole new market. Our product is a taste Chips Ahoy cookie fortified and supplemented with a potent Centrum Multivitamin. This cookie will contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals an individual needs to carry on their busy day. By doing so my team hopes to reposition the concept of a cookie in the psyche of the consumer. Step 2: Develop the Research Plan
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Listening to the market is extremely critical when developing a new product. We
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