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Copyright Basics

Copyright Basics - Copyright Basics Tuesday What's...

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Copyright Basics Tuesday, April 01, 2008 What’s protected: Handout Works consisting entirely of info that’s common property: Originality: Feist pub V Rural phone Services Originality remains the sine qua non of copyright They lost, phone book is not original Copyright Myths-see handout Myth of Registration-once you create something, it’s copyrighted, doesn’t have to be registered Idea has to take physical form, can’t be a thought Myth of free use-If you don’t sell it, it’s not copyrighted-false Myth of Deminimis use-taking only a little Is ok-false Myth of giving credit-false, have to obtain legal permission Myth of no consequences-false Extending the Duration of the copyright: The copyright Term Extension Act Sonny’s legacy wanted to legacy to last forever Life of the author plus 50 years to now life of author plus 70 years Extended term of new works by corp authors from 75 to 85 years Extended the term for works created prior to 1978 by 20 years
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