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History 2110 Lecture 5 Notes

History 2110 Lecture 5 Notes - History 2110 Lecture Notes 5...

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History 2110 Lecture Notes 5 Test 1 Creating a New Nation 1) Introduction: a) Paris Peace Treaty 1783: created The USA. Stated that the USA was free. Now there are 13 states, not 13 colonies. b) Two Problems the New Nation had to Address: i) What kind of country to create? (1) A free country with their own states. ii) How is the USA going to pay off the serious debt incurred by the war? (1) France loaned us a lot of money because Britain was their rival. 2) Ideological Foundation of the American Constitution a) John Locke i) Social Compact/Contract Theory: (1) The people that come together in a society, you sign a virtual contract to live under those rules of that society. The people decide what the laws are going to be. If you live in that society, then you are agreeing to those laws that you are going to live by. If you don’t like the rules, then you can move. You are agreeing to live by those laws. ii) Natural State/Rights (1) There was a certain time where man lived in a natural state, and your own conscience was your moral compass. But once you start creating the idea of private property and certain men are able to put up a fence, then it gets negated because you can’t walk wherever you want. It also created inequality and competition. Once you have competition, you have greed… people want more. Once you have all of this, you no longer live in the natural state. In a society you can’t have everyone doing the same thing.
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