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Jeffrey Trask 11/27/2007 Section A Lab 12: Refraction of Light Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to reaffirm the law of refraction of light and to become familiar with the characteristics of converging and diverging lenses. Analysis: To determine the refraction of light through glass, we placed an object on one side of a prism at various angles from a center point, then looked through it and recorded where the object lined up on the other side of the center point. When the angle the object has from the other side is measured, the refraction of light can be found using Snell’s Law ( n a sin θ a = n g sin θ g ). In this case, the refraction of light was _____, found using the angles of 10, 20, 30, and 70 degrees. Next, we measured the focal length of two different lenses: green and red. To do so, we used a screen and reflected on it an image from outside the window, measuring the distance between the screen and the lens when the image is focused and recording it as the focal length ( f ). The green focal length was 5.5 cm, and the red was 24.75 cm.
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