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lab10 - Jeffrey Trask Section A Lab 10 Electromagnetic...

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Jeffrey Trask Section A Lab 10: Electromagnetic Induction Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to become familiar with the character of electromagnetic induction through the use of a galvanometer, magnets, and coils. Abstract: Electromagnetic induction, defined as the production of voltage across a conductor, either by moving through a magnetic field or by having a magnetic field through it. Magnetic fields, which are produced by magnetized objects, produce a current when moved through an electric field, such as an energized conductor. We illustrated this using a metal coil hooked up to a galvanometer and magnets. When the conductor is energized but there is no magnetic field moving (moving being the key term) along it, the magnetic field will be stable and without current. When the magnetic field is moved, it creates a current which increases as the speed the magnetic field does. The magnetic field can be facing either way (north or south) and will still produce the same amount of
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