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Nicholas Simington 3/19/2008 Diagramming Extended Arguments The Current Grading System Is Overrated The current grading system in the United States is extremely overrated. Professor’s giving students grades is completely subjective. A professor’s grades are determined on what they believe is an “A” performance. One professor might believe an “A” student is one who gets all the multiple choice test questions correct. Another professor might believe an “A” student is one that gives full participation and helps the class get the most out of a lecture. A third professor might be a combination of both participation and testing. Another problem with this grading system it does not evaluate what has been educated. It doesn’t take what the knowledge of the student was before and what the knowledge of the student at the end of the course and those improvements. The point of schooling is to be educated but this is not even a consideration when a grade is produced. One student who has great knowledge in biology and a student who has
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Unformatted text preview: basic knowledge are expected to be equal in education by the end of a course. This student with great knowledge might study for an hour while a student with basic knowledge might study for five hours and do worse on testing but the basic student might double the education in biology while the great knowledge might reinforce what they already know. The last problem is too much reliance is put on this grading system. Depending on the professor a student could receive an “A” in a philosophy course but if the same student took a another professor on their grading style would of given a “D”. All students are viewed by their grades when being evaluated for acceptance at colleges and careers. Students are compared even if one professor’s same titled course is five times the difficulty of another professor’s same titled course. Students on the west coast are compared with student’s grades on the east coast. The current grading system is completely overrated....
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