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Ival Ilyich

Ival Ilyich - Nick Simington World Literature IVAN ILYICH...

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Nick Simington World Literature 01/22/2008 IVAN ILYICH: MAKING A DIFFERENCE OVER A HUNDRED YEARS LATER The Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy begins with the death of a judge named Ivan Ilyich. After the funeral, the story shifts to thirty years earlier to describe Ivan’s life. After attending law school, Ivan becomes an examining magistrate in the reformed judicial institutions and moves to a new province. Ivan becomes encompassed in his work and less engaged with his family. Ivan seeks the lifestyle that is proper and decorous in society’s view. Ivan continuous to move up in promotions in his work but lower in standing with his own family. With the new promotion Ivan moves his family and takes extreme pride in furnishing his new home to keep up with society and make himself feel elite. While furnishing his home, Ivan falls off his step ladder and injures his hip but it does not seem like a serious injury. Ivan then finds a great interest in the game bridge. Ivan’s hip starts hurting and he gets an unusual taste in his mouth, the doctor’s cannot figure out the reasoning for this which makes him afraid and depressed. He loses interest in cards and mortality is running through his mind. Ivan loses all interest for his wife and cannot hide it. As Ivan is dying he gets annoyed and outraged with the way he is treated. All of his visitors try to pretend he is not dying and will not confront it. That is until Ivan’s peasant servant talks to him and truly cares for him. His peasant and a moment with his son make him find for the first time in his life, his inner soul. For the next twelve days after hearing his inner soul speaking to himself, Ivan looks back at his life and realizes the more joy there was. Ivan also realizes that as he thought his life was getting better and better with promotions in jobs and societal approval, it was just like the pain, getting worse and worse. Ivan cannot understand the senselessness of death. Ivan views an image of being shoved into a black sack that he fears going into but at the same time wants to see inside the sack. Just then a force strikes Ivan in the chest and hip and shoves him into the sack where he sees a bright light. He
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Nick Simington World Literature 01/22/2008 realizes he lived an artificial life with his family, work life and social life. He suddenly feels great joy, takes a large sigh, stretches out and dies. The story of The Death of Ivan Ilyich, takes the reader through the battle of inner life versus outer life and what truly is important. The modern day man believes that their outer self is what is truly important. They often are searching to get the most money or the fanciest car when truly where happiness comes from is the inner self. Too many times the inner self is pushed back until it is often too late. The Death of Ivan Ilyich demonstrates perfectly a problem that man has struggled with for many generations. Sparknotes.com describes the inner life versus outer life battle that Leo Tolstoy depicted in
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Ival Ilyich - Nick Simington World Literature IVAN ILYICH...

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