Fall 06 Sample Midterm 2

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NnMEGtr Mc(wrAl roflarcurS FALL'06EcoN nlAT-2 ' Frcscot and firttne valuc tables of I ttf/o arc presented below' t5 fts Presctrt Fuhre PV of ord- FV of ord' Value Value AnnuitY fuinuitY | .gr74l 1.09000 .91743 1.0000 2 .84168 l.l88l0 l.7s9l I 2.0900 3 .77218 1.29503 2.53129 1.2781 4 .70843 1.41158 3.23972 4.5731 5 .&gg3 r.53862 3.88965 5.9847 6 .59627 1.67710 4.45E92 7-5233 g2. How much must bc invesed now at 9% inErest to acqrmulate to $10,000 in fyqnars? Q*ifi, D) S5,960. 5,Q&{-7 - \ = Qt9o , 3, agll 8oqi.,3 86. Claudine€orporation will deposit lS,OoOLto a rnoney nrarket sinking fund at the e1d of each year for the next five years. How much will accunnrlaic by the end of thc fifth and final paymcnt if the sinking fund ams g/o intcrcst? s'qt4? Y sct) !,sst6tr)x= lo,cco Sqqq,zz lb,ooo (4,etul)^ = l?,ilP= Ll,q6L4 t fr?coE M. Mustard's Inc. sold ttp rights to use one of thcir patcptcd ploce$res ttnt will result in cash rcccipts of $2,500 at the end of cach of thc ncxt fg5grs and a lunrp zum rcceipt of $4,00O at Sg ctrd of the fifttr year. The total prcsent vatue of thcsc payments ifintcrest is at 9olo is: 14) $10,699 . A. - -f; srr,cea. 4OgP v , 5 \41's e.514 ,? a 83. How much must bc deposited at thc beginning of each year in oiler to acoumulate to $10'000 in four vears if intcrest is tt*/o? A) $1,671. B) $2,570. c) $2.3s8. @ sz,ooe. A) 3857230. B) $142,985. q $19,m0. [Dn $38Je6. qJffiit D) $26,800. c) $2,100. D) $14,000. 1 lo 6qq ,dt 85. Ajax company purchascd a fivr-ycar ccrtificatc of dcposit for,lr"i, bilffih" amotmt of $220,00O. How much should the ccrtificate of dcposit bc worth at thc cnd of fivc ycars if interest isconpounded at an annual nE of f/o? ,1786) l J;c oc<r $ 33 g4qb,4 + -Q?Qe",5
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,fi 93. Memphis Wholesale Market applies lower-of-cost-or-market valuation to individual products l< and has collected the following data: Product A Selling price $100 Cost 70 Replacement cost 60 Disposal cost 15
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course ECON 111A taught by Professor Shepherd during the Fall '05 term at UCSC.

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Fall 06 Sample Midterm 2 - NnMEGtr t5 fts | 2 3 4 5 6...

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