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1 CAE303 Example on Loading References: ASCE 7-05 Chapters 1 through 4 (Please download them from our blackboard web site) Given: A four-story building with structural (Framing System) as shown in Figures 1 and 2; only Frames and resist Wind Load. Dead Load (DL): 100 psf (=lb/ft 2 ) for floor, and 80 psf for the roof. Live Load (LL): L 0 = 50 psf (on the floor); and L r = 35 psf (on the roof) Wind Load (W): 30 psf uniform in N-S direction. Required: 1. Specify the load paths (how the loads are transferred from where they are originated to the Foundation/Footing). 2. Loads on B1. 3. Loads on Girder G1. The girder is the beam supported directly by columns. 4. Factored load on Column A. 5. Wind loads on Frame distributed at all three floor/roof levels. Wind Load 30psf S N 25’ 25’ 25’ 25’ Col A 30’ B 1 B 1 B 1 B 1 G 1 D D S S Concrete Floor Open Open A W E B C Figure 1 Part of the floor plan (Typical) NOTES on Loading path by J. SHEN. PhD., PE.,SE. CAE 303 Fall 2007
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2 15’ 3@12’ G 1 Col A B 1 Bolted Simple Connection ’’ A B C G 1 B 1 Concrete Floor S-S Section from Figure 1 D-D section from Figure 1 Solution: (1) Load path for Gravity Loads (Dead or Live Load). Floor Area Beams Girders Columns Footing/Foundation.
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(1) CAE303_Load_Calculation_Example - 1 CAE303 Example on...

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