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COMM 100 Final Exam Study Guide 1. How do we define a small group according to lecture? What is the optimal size for a small group? 2. What is cohesiveness? What happens when cohesiveness increases? What about when group size increases? 3. What are the four phases of group development? What types of behaviors occur in each, and what are the outcomes? 4. What is groupthink and under what conditions does it occur? What are the symptoms of groupthink? What are six ways to avoid groupthink? 5. What is the purpose of brainstorming, and what are the rules? 6. Be generally familiar with the five types of communication networks according to your text. 7. What are the correlates of effective groups according to your text? 8. What is organizational communication? What are its three essential characteristics? 9. What are the specific functions of communication within an organization? What are the four types of communication within an organization?
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