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test2d - in WW flay/mea/rugtes Test 2 Novern BE 38 Ni[p O...

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Unformatted text preview: in .. . ' WW ' flay/mea/rugtes Test 2 Novern'oer 20, 2000 _ .. BE 38! Ni [p- O , 3.3!! .‘i’ Fall 2000 i . t - ‘ - l. A 10 HIE-440 V, 60 Hz, 4—pole, 3-phase induction-motor is designed to run at a slip of0,03 at full load. The rotational loss is 4% of the output power. Calculate the following under full load conditions: (a) Nmpg‘ (b) Pd (c) P“ (d) PRC}. and (e) Tenn. . A 3-phase. 60 Hz. 4-pole, Y-connected induction inotor has 72 slots and carries a double layer winding. Each coil has 4 turns and is full pitch. If the flux per pole is 0.015 weber, find the induced voltage per phase in the stator winding. . . The input to the ROTOR ofa 2200 v, 3-phase, 60 Hz, 12-poie induction motor is - 242,00Q_watts and the rotor current per phase is 375 A. If the resistance of the rotor is 0.0175 ohm-per phase, what is the Speed and the horsepower output of the motor if the ROTAHONAL LOSSES ARE NEGLECTED. I A 4-pole, 3-phase, wound rotor induction motor has R. = 02 ohm and X, = 2‘ohn1' per phase. NEGLECTING'STATOR IMPEDANCE, determine the value of the per phase external resistance needed in the rotor circuit suc that the rotor develops the same torque at s = 0.2 as at s = 0.05. Assume a Sin-gig}: p or ode vs. s with a slope of I'ldflflx . i! . Show-n 11?.an is. n nirrtnit fr)!- g'tgfiinn n ”Lu-amen :uAum-:nn "3:3:- _ _. run—um- _m-—v-evu n...- a} What is the name of this starting method? ‘0) Draw the complete circuit showing the supply lines and the motor connections. c) Describe the sequence of events involved in the starting process. Thrce— phase autotmns (on-net - ...
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