Superbad - thought that it was weird when I read Mr. Rogan...

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Superbad After reading both the New York Times and Rolling Stones reviews of the movie Superbad, I realized an incredible difference between the two. The New York Times was more formal and geared towards an older audience. Unlike the Rolling Stones review the New York Times article didn’t used colloquial language. The author of the Rolling Stones review wrote with a style and diction understood by teenagers. The diction in the New York Times was much more sophisticated than the diction in Rolling Stones. The Rolling Stones author chose to use words such as “dickhead” and “effing”. Words like this are commonly used by young adults and teenagers, therefore the article can be read comfortably by teenagers. The language in the article is familiar to younger people. The language used in the New York Times isn’t as familiar to teenagers. Teenagers, such as myself, aren’t familiar with referring to celebrities with “Mr.” When I read the New York Times article I
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Unformatted text preview: thought that it was weird when I read Mr. Rogan and Mr. Apatow because that is not how I would refer to Seth Rogan and Judd Apatow. The New York Times article is a great article for adults to read. Although very different I thought that both articles were well written and did a great job reviewing the movie. I liked how the New York Times said that no matter how single-mindedly priapic their preoccupations, these men and boys are good and decent and tender and true. After seeing previews of Superbad adults would view the characters as bad kids, however, the New York Times in that quotes argues that these characters at their essence are good people. I firmly believe that to be true and I never thought about that idea until I read the article. I thought the movie Superbad was a hysterical movie that is worth seeing and the articles did a very good job reviewing them....
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Superbad - thought that it was weird when I read Mr. Rogan...

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