Dylan - . He feels his career is ending because he is...

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Dylan I found Dylan’s writing a lot easier to read and a lot less confusing than Kerouac’s . The first paragraph shows a lot of emotion . It shows that he is sad that he might not be able to play again and if he does not he feels, he will be letting fans down . Dylan reflects on how he believes that his recorded music on disc is awesome however when he performs his music for his fans at a concert his music is not reaching its full potential . He includes a lot of emotion in his writing. He expresses his confusion . He knows that his concert performances are missing something but he does not quite know what he is missing and how to include what he is missing into his performances . He feels lost and disconnected from his music at concerts and does not really want to perform . He feels he owes more to his fans. I could feel the way he does about his disconnect from his music . I believe the best music is the music in which I feel connected to in someway. An artist has to even have a greater connection to his music
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Unformatted text preview: . He feels his career is ending because he is becoming disconnected from his music . His disconnect and his lost intentions for his music are the driving force which lead to ending and weakening of his career at that point . Dylan goes on to express his emotions . It seems as if he is depressed and that his depression is caused by his disconnection from his music . His depression is taking away his desire to write songs . When he describes his no desire to compose, it seems as if he is not going to write another song for a while . It seems as if the more he goes without writing a song the harder it will be to write one and the harder it will be to feel the desire to write a song . Dylan constantly expresses the importance of his emotions . His emotions are keeping him away from writing and his emotions are what helped him write great songs . His emotions contributed to his songs directly ....
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Dylan - . He feels his career is ending because he is...

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