The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic - The Root of the Dominican Steroid...

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The Root of the Dominican Steroid Problem The Dominican Republic’s is a very poor country. There are very little ways out of poverty in the country. One of the only ways out is through Baseball. Dominicans focus their entire lives on Baseball one day hoping to make it into the big leagues receiving a big paycheck so that they can support their families. They are exposed to Major League ball players who battled their way out of poverty by playing baseball. Competition is very common as baseball appears to be the only way out and nearly every young boy is battling to do everything in his power to stay ahead. Young athletes often turn to steroids and other performance enhancing drugs for this competitive edge. The steroid problem in the Dominican is so large because the drugs are very easily obtainable and very easy to use without being caught. Players have no awareness of the dangers of steroids because they are not educated much about the drugs. Young athletes in the Dominican Republic use steroids to aid efforts of using baseball as a vehicle out of poverty. The Dominican Republic lacks wealth. Citizens wander the streets barefoot wearing old ripped clothes. Multiple families live in single room houses. Schools are not funded. Sixteen percent of the Dominican Republic is unemployed and 25% of the population lives below the poverty line. In America, children aspire to be doctors, movie stars, lawyers, businessmen and professional athletes. They dream these professions because they are exposed to them in society. In the Dominican Republic children aren’t exposed to successful professions like these because they grow up in such poor conditions. They only successful people that Dominican youth are exposed to are Major League Baseball players. They grow up rooting for athletes such as Sammy Sosa, Robinson Cano and Albert Pujos. These players all grew up poor in the Dominican and are now rich living in multi-million dollar houses because of their success as a professional baseball player. Every young boy wants to live in a humongous house. They want to drive Mercedes and BMW’s like their favorite stars. They do not want to have to walk everywhere like they have had
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The Dominican Republic - The Root of the Dominican Steroid...

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