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Glass Castle - Midterm: Question 3 In order to be...

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Midterm: Question 3 In order to be considered a good parent one must be able to show it in various ways. A good parent must love their children more than anything else. This means they care about their child’s well being more than their own. This also means that they will try their best and do anything in their power to protect their children. One of the most important elements of a child’s childhood is their self-esteem. It is a parent’s job to raise their kids in a way so that their children develop a good self-esteem. Parents must raise their children to grow up to be good human beings. They do this by setting good examples and teaching them good morals. I think that Jeannette’s father was a good parent, however her mother was not a good parent. Despite Rex Walls’ alcoholism, he was a good parent. When he was sober, he showed love for his children. His alcohol problem did cause him to do things that would never be associated with being a good parent. His alcohol problem was out of his control. If he were able to willingly stop drinking alcohol and chose not to then he would be considered a bad parent. At his daughter’s request he tried his best to quit drinking but alcohol kept found its way back into his life. When his daughter asked him to quit drinking he felt ashamed. He realized he had a problem felt awful that it affected his
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Glass Castle - Midterm: Question 3 In order to be...

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