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style notes6

style notes6 - 3 Shift new information to the right-and...

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Lida Zheng ASRC 100.3 “African American Women Writers” Professor Beverly Blacksher Style Lesson 6 Notes 4/1/08 Understanding how sentences end - How you arrange a sentence determines how readers perceive it’s clarity and strength - The beginning should not confuse the readers Complex Grammar and Meaning - Move form simplicity to complexity - Don’t introduce technical terms immediately Stress - You emphasize the end more - The part that is emphasized is the part that is stressed - Don’t end on works that have no meaning How to revise your sentences - Manage your subjects and topics well Tactics: 1. Trim the end-especially if it is redundant 2. Shifts the side ideas to the left-don’t end anti-climatically
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Shift new information to the right-and complex info Devices: 1. Passives-if the subject is the most important 2. There-allows you to emphasize 3. What-shift- shifts important stuff to the right 4. It-shift- can introduce 5. Not only, But-emphasizes the latter 6. Pronoun substitution- redundancy can seem flat Topics, Emphasis, Themes, and Coherence-Stressed the right things creates coherence-Repeat your topics as subjects-Repeat them as well elsewhere as nouns, verbs and adjectives-Make sure your topic sentence is identifiable and sets of coherence to the rest of the paragraph, especially if it is long...
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