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Lida Zheng ASRC 100.3 “African American Women Writers” Professor Beverly Blacksher Style Lesson 5 Notes 3/10/08 Cohesion and Coherence A whole passage needs to seem coherent Sometime a passage contains words that make us feel like it is choppy and disorganized This can also be caused by the arrangement of the words Cohesiveness depends on how each sentence ends and the next begins and gives sentences a sense of flow Cohesion is like how jigsaw puzzle pieces fit together - Avoiding passive doesn’t necessarily help if it fits with the preceding sentence - The passive enables us to put at the end of a sentence words that comment to the beginning of another Put information that is familiar first and unanticipated information at the end - Give priority to writing sentences that have cohesive flow
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Unformatted text preview: • Put referring words such as another, that, this towards to beginning of sentences • Coherence depends on how all the sentences cumulatively begin • Coherence is like the way all the pieces of a puzzle add up into a picture • Readers like subjects/characters as the topics of the sentence • Questions to keep in mind:-Do the first few clauses of each sentence relate to the same small set of ideas?-Could the reader see how they are related?-Are the most important characters named (whether real or abstract)? • Find the subjects quickly • Get to the subject quickly and avoid metadiscourses • Vary how you begin your sentences to avoid monotony- However, don’t change the topics too much • Depend more on the logistical flow than using too many conjunctions...
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