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Unformatted text preview: Gilded Age, concluded • Jim Crow • Ida B. Wells WWI • Mexican Revolution • Pancho Villa Chinese Exclusion Act. Many return to China. white man's burden – belief of white man's duty to civilize the “dark corners” of the world. turns imperialism into a humanitarian effort. called “imperialism of righteousness”. surge of evangelism and missionary activity. February 1898 – explosion on the Maine. US recognizes Cuban independence. jim crow – the custom of segregation that became codified in law and in practice. Plessy v. Ferguson – established separate but equal doctrine. lynchings well-publicized and widely supported Ida B. Wells – refused to move from her seat on a train and forcibly removed into another car. Sued for discrimination and won, but overturned by the Tennessee supreme court. Ida Wells wrote an editorial after the black owners of a store were lynched (for competing with white-owned stores). She spoke out against lynching and addressed the claim store were lynched (for competing with white-owned stores)....
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