Exam 2 Notes - Be prepared to define and give the...

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Unformatted text preview: Be prepared to define and give the significance of the following terms: *Dust Bowl Between 1910 and 1930, farmers produced an "ecological time bomb" by plowing too much land and stripping the land of its native grasses. There was not enough grass to hold the soil in place. In the 1930s, drought returned to the great plains, resulting in the Dust Bowl. The Drought Relief Service bought up eight million head of cattle and 11 million acres of grassland in order to take the land out of production. The AAA paid farmers to temporarily take land out of production. These measures met with temporary success. When rain returned, farmers returned to their old practices. *John Collier Originally a reformist for immigrant causes. He was disturbed by what immigrants were put through and the strain of being forced to accept American culture over their own. He saw the same situation with Indians. In 1933, FDR appointed Collier as head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Collier wanted to end forced assimilation and reorganize the tribes and their governments. He formed the Indian Reorganization Act. Some Indians didn't want to reverse their assimilation and others suspected the IRA as a trick. Congress gutted the act. Most tribes accepted it. The IRA changed the direction of federal Indian policy. It repealed allotment laws, restored land to the tribes, and recognized tribal governments. It took 15 years for the federal government to return to its original policies. *Lend-Lease Act The Act allowed Britain to get military goods with only the promise of repayment. FDR told the public that the act was necessary to protect the "four freedoms". Germany steps up their U-boat presence in the Atlantic, so FDR provides escorts for British ships. The Act is extended to Russia when they enter the war. *Battle of Midway America is trying to slow Japan's progress. They learned ahead of time that Japan would attack Midway. It was a decisive victory for America. They sank four of Japan's carriers and several other large ships. This gave enough time decisive victory for America....
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Exam 2 Notes - Be prepared to define and give the...

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