Notes 2008-02-04 - Fourteen Points Wilson's plan for peace...

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Fourteen Points Wilson's plan for peace and reconstruction New boundaries Rules for international conduct League of Nations US never signs the Versailles Treaty or joins the League of Nation Wilson is bitterly disappointed Wilson's most visible opponent was Republican senate majority leader Henry Cabot Lodge Lodge and Wilson hated each other Lodge refused to give up any sovereignty and was unwillingly to commit to the military agreement Lodge proposed amendments to Wilson's plan but Wilson refused to compromise Dawes Plan Germany was given a reparations bill of $33 billion Germany stops payments and France invades American bankers step in Cuts Germany's bill in half but stretches it out over a longer period of time Provides short-term loans to jump start Germany's economy Forces France to leave Germany Though America did not join the League of Nations, they were still able to influence foreign relations abroad Thesis: Quiz: What are some of the perils of prosperity? U-boat attacks made it seem inevitable that the US would enter WWI. Wilson also wanted to enter the war in order to have influence at the peace table. Wilson's speaking tour left him bedridden and didn't change a single vote. Postwar Domestic Scenario
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Notes 2008-02-04 - Fourteen Points Wilson's plan for peace...

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