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Reconstruction Edwin Stanton Ku Klux Klan What caused the civil war? economic differences taxes states' rights slavery and congressional representation issues Politics of the time were defined almost exclusively by the sectional crisis. Wake of John Brown: Northerners celebrated him and seemed to confirm Southern fears of abolitionist aggressiveness. Lincoln alarmed the South with his statement “this nation cannot survive half slave and half free”. timing and purpose of Emancipation Proclamation: 1863, timed to seem like a victorious action with the purpose of gaining international support and punishing the rebel states Southerners were convinced that their cause of protecting property was just. More than 600,000 casualties throughout the war. Reconstruction Bringing the southern states back into the Union. Deciding how to punish rebels. Legal status of freed slaves. Some means of providing equality under state and federal law. Lincoln had a plan as early as 1863. His plan was a full pardon and a complete restoration of property provided that they take an oath of allegiance. He required that 10% of white
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notes 2008-01-09 - Reconstruction Edwin Stanton Ku Klux...

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