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Westward Expansion Homestead Act Las Gorras Blancas my notes for today are pretty bad Charles Windolph June 1876: A soldier in an assault near Custer's Last Stand. West: Pacific Ocean to one of [Mississippi River, Rocky Mountains, 100 th meridian (or 98 th )] depending on the historian. Debate on whether Alaska or Hawaii should be included. This class uses the Mississippi River and doesn't include Alaska or Hawaii. After the trans-continental railroad was constructed, moving West became relatively simple. Homestead Act of 1862 Promised 160 acres free of charge to any individual who was willing to settle on and improve the land for 5 years. The 160 acres was too little in such an arid environment. Lawmakers eventually responded with the * * Act of 1863. Eventually 1.5 families *. Barbed wire developed in the 1870s. The larger ranches began fencing in their lands. This effectively put smaller ranches out of business, who couldn't afford to fence their lands or sink wells. Many who were put out of business were Mexicans.
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