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GOVT 2302 Notes 2008-03-18 - to get rid of Selective...

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GOVT 2302 Notes 2008-03-18: Policy It is Texas policy to reduce sex among teenagers. It is D.C. policy to reduce gun crime. Policy is more than just law. It is a collection of laws and statements. Policy is behavior. It is a response to the complaints of the people (referencing the political progress diagram starting with “we complain”). Types of Policy Policy intends to: Prohibit (punitive policies) Protect (workplace safety, market protection: crop rotation, speed limits) Promote (production of certain crops, marriage) Provide Providing policies can have benefits that are collective or selective. Collective benefits affect everybody, while selective benefits affect specific groups. Public education is a collective benefit. Not everyone uses it, but everyone benefits from it. Collective benefits are expensive (and hard) to deliver, expensive to maintain, and expensive
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Unformatted text preview: to get rid of. Selective benefits are much easier. Social Security is a selective benefit. Many workers don't use it all, don't work long enough to receive its benefits, or don't live long enough to receive any payments. Collective benefits provide you with an opportunity to use them. Selective benefits require you to qualify. The term “means-tested” is used to refer to benefits that require qualification. Laws may provide many different types of policies. Texas requires each county to have a hospital with certain services. The hospitals themselves are collective benefits, but the specific services are selective benefits. The USA PATRIOT Act is a good example of all four types of policy. Look at how a policy approaches a problem and what it ends up doing....
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