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Assignment 2

Assignment 2 - Educational Psychology Assignment 2...

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Educational Psychology Assignment 2 Classroom observation and teacher shadows are very important aspects in teacher education. They allow education students to gain experience working in classrooms before graduation. I participated in a Diversity Immersion Experience during spring break this semester in which I observed and assisted in a classroom at Park Center High School for a week. I also interviewed my mentor teacher, Mr. K, about his theories and ideas related to teaching. Through my observations and interview, I was able to note Mr. K’s teaching styles, and also begin the path to developing my own way of teaching. Mr. K’s classroom was very relaxed and welcoming. He greeted students as they walked through the door, chatted with them before class started, and was genuinely interested in their lives and well-being. He related to the students extremely well. He had many posters on the wall of professional athletes, such as Michael Jordan and Kirby Puckett. He would make jokes during lectures and use activities that the students enjoyed. It was apparent that he was among the students’ favorite teachers. Mr. K also related to the students by using various instructional techniques in his classroom. He showed interesting videos pertaining to the course topics, gave short and informative lectures, provided fun learning activities for the students, and invited guest speakers into his classroom. He also favored partner and group work. The videos he showed kept the students’ attentions, while also providing quality learning material. He made sure to keep his lectures short and to the point, because long
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lectures that drag on lose student interest. He believed that students learn best when it involves something they enjoy, so he used entertaining learning activities and games in his classroom. He also liked to bring in guest speakers who engaged the students in the topics they were focusing on in class. For example, a speaker who is part of the Hare Krishna religion, a branch of Hinduism, spoke during the Hinduism unit in his Comparison Religion class. It is clear that Mr. K used an extremely humanistic approach in his instructional techniques. Along with his techniques to keep students interested in learning, Mr. K also used
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Assignment 2 - Educational Psychology Assignment 2...

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