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culturally responsive teaching - Culturally Responsive...

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Culturally Responsive Teaching Being an effective teacher is a very difficult task that takes a lot of hard work. Not only do you have to teach the material to your students, you need to know how to teach it to many diverse types of students. Whether it is race, gender, learning style, or sexual orientation, every teacher needs to know how to teach each one of their students. Students of different backgrounds learn in different ways and may have significantly different experiences from one another. Teaching students who are of a different race than your own can be a challenge. It is hard to know what struggles and experiences they have gone through related to their race because you have not experienced the same things. In “A White Teacher Talks about Race,” Julie Landsman tries to understand the experiences of her students that are not the same race as her by observing them in school and listening to their stories about their life experiences. To further understand their struggles and lifestyles you could assign a writing exercise about an experience they have had that they believe is because of their race. You could also submerge yourself into an environment for a period of time where you are the minority to understand what that feels like. When I was in Spain I experienced such a situation. All of the Spaniards had dark brown hair, tan skin tone, and dark eyes. I have light brown hair, freckles and light skin, and blue eyes. They could tell just by looking at me that I was not native to their country. I would get strange looks on the street or be treated differently by employees in stores. I felt very unsafe walking alone at night because it was so obvious that I didn’t belong there just by my looks, and I didn’t know the area as well as the local residents. I could’ve very easily found myself in a dangerous situation. Also, it was
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culturally responsive teaching - Culturally Responsive...

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