finalexam - Final Exam 1 Using the school you created for...

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Final Exam 1. Using the school you created for your panel presentation, describe the 5 most important characteristics that made it an effective school. Our school, La Casa de Espanol, is effective because it starts teaching students another language very early in their education. It takes 7 years to learn a language fluently, and students would be exposed to Spanish for 7 years in our school, grades K-6. It is also easier for children to learn another language starting at a young age, so they start to learn Spanish at age 5 or 6 in our school. The location of the school is also very important in its effectiveness. Our school is located just outside of Minneapolis in Brooklyn Park, MN. We think this is a good location because it is a diverse area and that will bring more diversity into our school setting. We decided to put it right outside Minneapolis instead of in Minneapolis so it is able to serve students in the city and in the suburbs as well. Our diverse teaching staff also contributes to the school’s effectiveness. All of our teachers must be fluent in Spanish, whether they are native speakers or have a degree in Spanish. All of the teachers have studied abroad in a Spanish-speaking country at least once. They are 50% female and 50% male, and come from many different ethnic backgrounds. We offer many extra-curricular activities for the students including sports, student council, drama, dance, and homework help club. This allows the students to get involved in the school setting. Also, once a year we hold a festival for the community where students can
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finalexam - Final Exam 1 Using the school you created for...

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