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Education 111 9/28/07 Effective Teacher Survey I interviewed my 1 st grade teacher, Mrs. Woody, to find out how one becomes a good teacher. I asked her questions to discover what good teachers have to know, do, and be that sets them apart from average teachers. Why did you decide to become a teacher and what made you want to stick with it? Mrs. Woody realized that she wanted to be a teacher due to an experience working with her dad, who is also a teacher. When she was in college she helped her dad teach a lesson to his class and found that she had a talent in helping the students learn. Not only was she good at it, but she enjoyed it very much. From that point on she knew teaching was right for her. Throughout her teaching career, especially in the beginning, she went through many struggles, but not once did she second guess her choice to teach. She loved watching her students grow and learn new things, and was very proud of the fact that they learned these things because of her. That feeling of accomplishment, along with the love of teaching and her students, were
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This note was uploaded on 04/28/2008 for the course EDUC 111 taught by Professor Odette during the Fall '07 term at CSB-SJU.

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survey - Education 111 Effective Teacher Survey I...

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