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PLA #1 Writing Assignment A 1 . Television Violence : Television programs which contain physical violence such as fighting, pushing, kicking, and hitting, and verbal violence such as cussing and name-calling. Aggressive Behavior : A way in which someone acts with the purpose to intentionally hurt someone; Fighting, hitting, cussing, name-calling, etc. Children : A person under the age of 12. 2. The independent variable would be the TV violence, and the dependent variable would be the behavior seen in the children. The age of the children may also influence the dependent variable, for example younger children may act more violent than older children because they do not know that the behavior is wrong. Also, the type of aggressive behavior that the children see may affect how they act. These are called confounding variables. Writing Assignment B The argument is that the University of Claria is the place to go for a quality education
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Unformatted text preview: because of the reputations of its professors. A flaw in this argument is when they are talking about recent graduates winning the Nobel Prize and that 75% of students are able to find jobs after graduating. This statement does not support the argument because it is talking about the students, not the faculty. Also, it is stated that the reputation of the faculty is based on certain faculty members accomplishments, which leads one to assume that only a few of the faculty members have good reputations, instead of all of them like the argument is appearing to say. Another flaw in the argument is that the supports are not elaborated on. It says that several of the faculty members are internationally renowned in their fields, but it does not say which faculty members, which fields, how many faculty members, etc....
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