Observing Students with Special Needs

Observing Students with Special Needs - Observing Students...

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Observing Students with Special Needs An effective learning environment includes all learners. A good teacher should pay careful attention to a child with special needs and how s/he learns and design instruction ( not content ) that maximizes the strengths of that student. Observe a class where a student is identified as having special needs is included. Watch and note your answers to the following questions. Think about the effectiveness of the support for students with special needs. 1. What categories of disability or exceptionality does the student have? The student has a mild intellectual disability. 2. What kinds of resources are available in the classroom/school to help the student? The student has an in-classroom aid who takes notes for him and helps with his assignments. The student also has access to Special Education classes in the school. 3. How did the teacher modify or adapt his/her instruction to the student? The teacher modified his instruction to the student by giving him some individual
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