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PLA 5 - they want to do The parents are involved in the...

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PLA #5 Written Assignment A I am the first born. Because of this, I have personality characteristics associated with being the first born, such as: confidence, determination, leadership, and organization. My parents also expect more from me than they do from my younger sister and are stricter towards me. Other factors that may affect personality besides birth order may be the environment you grow up in, how your family treats you, and the type of friends you have. A problem with making broad generalizations about people and personality based on birth order is that they might not necessarily be true. You can’t judge someone before you meet them just because of the order they were born in, they may be completely different than you expected. Written Assignment B My parents used the Authoritative Parenting style. I would use this same parenting style if I had kids because it seems to have the best affect on the children. They are not too spoiled and get everything they want, but they are still allowed to do things
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Unformatted text preview: they want to do. The parents are involved in the children’s lives and that allows for a great relationship between the two. Written Assignment C The idea of nature vs. nurture is that our behavior is based on either our environment (nurture) or the fact that we were born a certain way, and the way we are raised doesn’t affect who we become (nature). I think both theories play a role in our behavior and who we are, but I think nurture plays a bigger role than nature. Some traits and behaviors that we have are biological, but I think our personalities are shaped more by how we are raised than by heredity. Behavioral geneticists understand that they way heredity shapes who we are is like a call and response, with each phrase spoken by heredity summoning an answer from the environment. This shows that we are shaped by both nature and nurture....
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