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Political Science 111 Philip Kronebusch 4/25/08 Impact of Political Parties on American Politics Political parties have been a part of American politics since the country was founded. The United States has maintained a two-party system for over 200 years; however, the parties have changed significantly over the years. The Federalist and Republican parties of the 1790s have evolved into the Democratic and Republican parties of today. American politics are, and always have been, largely impacted by the major political parties. The political party system in the United States allows voters to identify with a party that most resembles their own beliefs. In Who Needs Political Parties , Rick Valelly notes, “Political parties have been the essential foundation of both citizen involvement and citizen awareness of the issues facing a democratic polity” (Kernell and Smith, 596). Political parties also serve to nominate candidates for public office and make citizens aware of important issues surrounding politics at that time. The party system is so significant in American politics that Ricky Valelly argues the political and electoral systems would fall apart without it. He states three points that would be affected by the absence of political parties in the United States: Without a competitive party system, politicians could not cooperate around mutual policy gains… They would instead treat all their interactions with each 1
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political science paper - Political Science 111 Philip...

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