Theofinal - Theo 111-13A The dramatic plot of the Bible...

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Theo 111-13A The dramatic plot of the Bible consists of twelve major periods. The twelve periods are: The Ancient World, Patriarchs, Israel and Exodus, Conquest of Canaan, Judges, Royal Kingdom, Divided Kingdom, Exile, Return, Maccabean Revolt, Messianic Fulfillment, and finally, the Church. These twelve periods guide the plot of the Bible. The first period, The Ancient World, is set from the Beginning-2000 BC. This period starts with the creation of the Earth and everything on it by God. God creates humans, Adam and Eve, in his image and establishes a covenant with Adam. This covenant includes the following: to be fruitful and multiply, and to have dominion and imitate God. Adam and Eve promise to keep the covenant, but they disobey God in an attempt to be more like him, causing their perfect world to fall into evil. Their first 2 sons are Cain and Abel. Cain murders his brother, Abel, because God accepts Cain’s generous sacrifice, but not Abel’s. Years later, God sees that man is evil and wicked and sends out to destroy mankind. He sees that Noah is good, though, and tells him to build an ark for his family. He also instructs Noah to bring a male and female of every living species onto the ark so they may live as well. Then God destroys all life on Earth with a great flood, except those on Noah’s ark. He also establishes a covenant with Noah. The covenant with Noah renews the covenant with Adam, and also instructs not to kill and includes food purity laws. God’s intention was to create humans who obey and follow him. He attempts to re-create humankind by destroying all humans but one righteous family. This family becomes the ancestors of all humans, leading up to Jesus and the Messianic Fulfillment. This ends the period of the Ancient World. The second period, The Patriarchs, is set from 2000-1800 BC. In this period, a man named Abraham goes to Canaan and there makes a covenant with God. This covenant promises that Abraham’s descendents will become a great nation and they will have a great land, and also promises a world blessing by God. The parts of this covenant are eventually fulfilled by Moses, David, and finally Jesus. Abraham’s faith in God is tested in many ways, including a request to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Abraham proves faithful to God, so his covenant is passed on to his son
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Theofinal - Theo 111-13A The dramatic plot of the Bible...

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