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how should the law serve us

how should the law serve us - Mike Fisch Professor Hayward...

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Mike Fisch GB 103 Professor Hayward 2/11/08 How Shall the Law Serve Us, or Vice-Versa? From the beginning of man, we have seen law evolve and modify from civilization to civilization . From the Hammurabi Code of Ancient Babylon, to the formation of Democracy in Ancient Greece, it has changed to fit the social and economic needs of past and present cultures . In today’s eyes, we continue to seek changes to the law in our own cultures, especially in the United States, to ensure that the law serves us and that we too serve the law . Therefore, the law must: enforce rules and regulations, be predictable, ensure justice, protect us from each other, and maintain order . In order to carry out the latter, we must understand the functions of the law with examples of how it has changed in the past . Law, as a defined by Essentials of the Legal Environment by Roger Miller, is, “a body of enforceable rules governing relationships among individuals and between individuals and their society . ” (Miller 3) Therefore, the law must enforce rules and regulations that society must abide by and protect us from each other . This may include, as discussed in class, criminals, the government, and ourselves . In 1777, the founding fathers of the United States drafted the first documents of law by which would govern the United States . (ConsitutionFacts.com) The failure of the Articles of Confederation is a famous example of how the law is changed to help better serve society . To give a brief background, the United
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States, consisting of thirteen colonies, managed to win the American Revolution and successfully secede from England . The continental congress, composed of representatives of all of the states, would determine how the colonies would continue to coexist since English law no longer applied because of the separation
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how should the law serve us - Mike Fisch Professor Hayward...

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